Staycation Anyone?

Staycation Anyone?

You’ve Heard the Term Staycation?


A newer term that we’ve all heard the past few years is staycation. Well, it is true that you can spend a few thousand dollars on an aboveground pool for your backyard and actually enjoy staying home all summer long vacationing, or spend the same few thousand dollars on a one week vacation. Then, you’re back to the grind. Why not vacation at home every weekend and unwind at home any day you want. A backyard pool is a source of relaxation, togetherness, entertainment, and fun all summer!

If you already have a pool, you can invest some vacation dollars in pool care, pool toys, rafts and other backyard amenities such as a fancy grill and smoker, patio furniture, and yard games (Hmmm...I wonder where you can find those things? OH YEAH!!). You can create your very own backyard resort. 

Sometimes we wish we could escape the hustle, bustle, and day-to-day responsibilities of our normal lives, but cannot always afford a vacation between restaurants, hotels, and travel costs. They can add up fast especially when we are taking the whole family.  Sometimes work obligations prevent us from leaving town anytime, too. The answer: Staycation!

When summer time rolls around and the kids are home from school, with a backyard pool, you can have that vacation! Yes, you can enjoy every weekend and various days and evenings, but you still have your day-to-day responsibilities. This year, how about planning a vacation in your own backyard?  I mean, actually make a plan for week off. Schedule backyard enjoyment each day! How about planning a family day with games and activities, a party day for the kids with their friends, a day with friends and neighbors, and a romantic evening for two? Plan on NOT doing any work around the house or checking in with the office. Make a commitment to yourself and a promise to your family that you are all on staycation!

So kickback, relax and vacation at home.


- Corinne S. Kraft

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